Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group

About Us

The SCEIG was formed in 1990, by state, federal, local, educational, and service agencies that provide regulatory, technical, financial, and educational assistance for environmental infrastructure projects. These agencies saw a need to coordinate efforts to assist small governments with the difficult task of developing, improving, and maintaining their water and wastewater systems. This group of experts has quarterly meetings to discuss the needs of small communities and what responses or remedies are appropriate and feasible.

The goal of the group is to assist small communities in identifying the most appropriate resources to help the communities resolve problems associated with environmental infrastructure. To this end, the group has four committees to address the most pressing needs of small communities: Finance Committee, Curriculum Committee, Decentralized Wastewater Working Group and the Appalachian Environmental Infrastructure Strategy Work Group.

In addition, the SCEIG has compiled a list of various documents, publications and internet resources for the use of small communities in considering the financing, installation, repair or expansion of environmental infrastructure.

SCEIG Helping Small Communities Meet Their Water & Wastewater System Needs

For a Power Point summary presentation regarding the Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group, click here to download this presentation. This helpful tool includes information on the following:
  • What is SCEIG?
  • Who works with SCEIG
  • How is SCEIG operated?
  • Committees and Training tools with training links.