Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group

Water Systems for Small Communities

Water Systems for Small Communities consists of 3 three-hour session workshops designed for local elected officials, local agency officials, and interested citizens to help small communities meet their infrastructure needs. This series of workshops was developed by educational and services agencies, federal, state, and local governments and is sponsored by the Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group.

The registration fee of $100 includes all books and materials for the workshop. Each workshop is scheduled one month apart. For maximum benefit, plan to attend all 3 sessions. The workshop schedule is as follows:

Session I

Putting Together the Pieces of a Community Water System:

  • Types of water-supply alternatives for: Small Communities;Townships
  • Various water-supply treatment methods
  • Drinking water regulations
  • Methods of water distribution and storage
  •  Managing water treatment facilities
  • Keeping water systems operating  

Local Discussion Group:

  • Safe Drinking Water...
  •  How do we provide it in our community?

Session II

Field Trip:

  • Visit water-supply treatment facilities
  • Talk to water-supply managers

Local Information Gathering:

  • Exploring the needs of your community water system

Session III

Assessing Community Needs and Gathering Resources

  • Identifying community needs
  • Addressing community water usage
  • Hiring consultants
  • Identifying funding sources
To find out more or to arrange for a workshop in your community, contact:

Lori Libby, Miami University 513-529-6959 or
Dr. Karen Mancl, The Ohio State University 614-292-4505

or visit: